Immune System Support

Immune system support is an important aspect of our therapeutic approach at Lopez, MD / Dunphy, PA. Maintaining good digestion is a key aspect of immune support since so much of the immune system is regulated and influenced by gut ecology. In many ways our food is our medicine. In order to get the most out of our food we must digest well. Certain nutrients such as vitamin D3, vitamin A and carotinoids, vitamin C, B vitamins and minerals all contribute in different ways to healthy immune function. Human immune systems have both Inherited and Adaptive aspects. The Inherited immune system is comprised of white blood cells and mucosal cells that we receive from birth. These cells protect us from bacterial infections and participate in wound repair. The adaptive immune system responds by producing antibodies against virus, fungus and cancer. The overuse of many antibiotics has not only contributed to resistance to treatment but also weakens immune function by destroying the normal microbiome of the body. This process can leave us vulnerable to more infections, inflammation, malabsorption and chronic degenerative illnesses. Our focus is to individualize support for normal immune function as well as balance out or amplify immune response for each person.