Our New Location

We are now located at:
27A Reed Blvd, Mill Valley, CA 94941

First Day Opening: Tuesday, June 15, 2021

The Dunphy, PA / Nunley, MD nutritional, holistic family practice opened at our new location at 27A Reed Blvd. in Mill Valley on Tuesday June 15th, 2021. The new address is located just off Hwy 101 taking the Tiburon exit, just down the road from Strawberry Village Shopping Center. The office is located in the rear of the building on ground level with free parking. We welcome you and extend an invitation to you, your families and friends to visit us. We think you will like the new location for the ease of access and quiet ambience. We will continue to offer individualized care and services we have always offered, plus several new innovations. Welcome to all our established and new patients.

Healthy Regards,
Daniel Dunphy and Dr. Marsha Nunley

COVID-19 Information

About Dunphy, PA / Nunley, MD

Welcome to Dunphy, PA / Nunley, MD. Our group is dedicated to developing individualized health care and maintenance programs for each of our patients. We believe that health care and health insurance mean providing your body what it needs to sustain vitality for healing. This includes nutritional support for preventing chronic disease and managing medical issues already present or looming.

Our professional staff offers over 60 years experience using holistic, nutritional and homeopathic approaches to detoxification, elimination and setting the body’s self healing capacity back on track. We look forward to meeting you and working with you to develop individualized strategies for your health and optimum regenesis.

Removing the Obstacles to Your Good Health. Physician Associate Daniel Dunphy has helped thousands of patients regain their health over the past 38 years of clinical practice. Now, in this new book, he shows you how to open blockages to good health and release your body’s healing response. He guides you through the evolution of your health—from disease to wellness—using holosystemic mandalas that pinpoint the root causes of disease including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, endometriosis, strokes, and more. You’ll walk away from reading this book with a better understanding of what it means to be healthy—and discover pathways to improved vitality.​