We will actively address three important themes:

1.) Address present symptoms and issues important to you including chronic degenerative medical conditions such as diabetes, hypoglycemia and metabolic syndrome, chronic fatigue syndromes, arthritis, auto immune states, cardio vascular health, neurological conditions, chronic depression, insomnia, anxiety, leaky small intestine, inherited and acquired gluten sensitivity and other allergic syndromes, cancer care education and nutritional support, chronic Lyme syndrome, immune deficiencies, thyroid conditions, hepatitis, addictions, hormone imbalances, cystic ovary, prostate health, nutritional support for autism, irritable bowel, gerd, gastritis, migraine headaches, asthma, chronic infections, spinal pain, eczema, psoriasis , nutritional deficiencies and malabsorbsion.

2.) Detoxification and elimination of toxins including heavy metals, industrial chemical residues, metabolic waste, drugs and pharmaceuticals. Our goal is to help you address physical and emotional toxins, blockages and stresses that erode your vitality and self- healing capacity. Detoxification therapies we employ include intestinal health and cleansing, lymphatic cleansing, pemf (Ondamed) therapy, chelation of heavy metals, diet to support these processes, self hypnosis, cranial sacral adjustment, somato emotional release, trigger point and scar injections, partial or complete fasting protocols under supervision, juicing protocols, liver/ kidney cleansing, sauna as well as various nutritionally based therapies including intravenous nutritional support.

3.) Tonification or strengthening of organs and structures in your body including immune function.

We invite you to tour this website as well as its link to hoping you will join us here at Dunphy, PA / Nunley, MD to develop individualized health care strategies for yourself, your family and friends. Welcome.