Chelation of Heavy Metals

The safe and effective chelation or capture and elimination of heavy metals using EDTA, DMSA and supporting natural detoxification therapies are an important part of prevention and rejuvenation. At Lopez, MD / Dunphy, PA our over six decades of cumulative experience in this field will be used to design the correct individualized assessment and strategies for the elimination of arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury and nickel, These heavy metals are unfortunately all too abundant in our environments-land and sea. There are several ways to ascertain cumulative storage of heavy metals in tissues and organs as well as circulating whole blood and hair levels.

It is also important to assess each individual’s detoxification capacity and sensitivity to treatment. Effective chelation should be as water slowly rounding a stone in the river. It is should not be a sudden extraction but rather a gradual process. Ones overall vitality must be assessed so the proper balance of revitalization and elimination can be achieved for each individual.